At Tacos El Paisa we specialize in Birria! Birra is a distinctly and irresistibly flavored Mexican stew that we have been using to flavor some of our other menu favorites! Birra has become ultra-popular across Arizona.
Quesabirria with Consome
You may have seen Quesabirria tacos popping up all over Instagram. If you don’t know, quesabirrias are a cross between a taco and a quesadilla, and the word is a compound of "queso," "cheese," and "birria," a traditional Mexican stew. These were even dubbed The Bay Area’s Hottest Taco Trend Comes Courtesy of LA, Tijuana, and Instagram, by the San Francisco Eater! And the Quesabirra’s from Tacos El Paisa is even better than the hype.
What’s better than pizza? Birria flavored pizza! We offer our beloved Birria taco on crispy layers of burrito-sized tortillas filled with beef and cheese.
Beef spicy tripe stew, with red chili pepper, onion, lime, and cilantro. Is a traditional Mexican soup.